Where does Tasman Honey come from?
Tasman Honey comes from hives throughout the local Tasman Peninsula area including Taranna, Koonya, Port Arthur and Nubeena and elsewhere around the state including pristine World Heritage listed areas.
How do I store Tasman Honey?
Tasman Honey is best stored in a sealed container at room temperature out of direct sunlight.
What if my Tasman Honey crystallises?
It's normal for pure and natural honey to crystallise. To restore crystallised honey to a liquid state, place the container of honey in warm water until it's liquid again.
Does Tasman Honey have a use by date?
Properly stored honey (in a sealed container at room temperature out of direct sunlight) lasts indefinitely.
Does Tasman Honey contain any additives?
Tasman Honey is 100% pure and natural and has no additives. We use minimal sieving and filtering and low temperatures when processing honey to preserve all the vital constituents that give honey its healing properties.

Tasman Honey Bee on Flower

Extracting the Honey