Dean Price

January 2024

Very tasty honey. You can try some honey and have a really nice chat while staring at hundreds of jars of honey (forgot to photo this). They even explained how they get the different flavours by moving the bees to different locations. If you like honey stop in and have a look as you will find a honey you like from manuka and leatherwood to fennel, clove, meadow they are all good. Fairly priced considering the quality and honestly I've seen some in supermarkets more expensive.

Mari Barnard

January 2024

We absolutely love their honey!! We visit their shop every couple of months to stock up and also love their candles. Ian and his wife are lovely and we enjoy the chat every time we come to buy their honey.

Luka Livaja

January 2023

Couldn't be more satisfied with my experience here today. The lady was super helpful and explained to us how the bees make the honey, all the different types of honey they produce and even let us try all the honey types too. The 2 dogs were also incredibly cute and very friendly and well behaved. It's a must-stop destination for any honey lovers passing through the area, or anyone looking for a cool and welcoming small-business experience.

Anne Newton

November 2022

Ian was the most helpful and knowledgeable beekeeper. His hives are placed in a number of regions and he sells a beautiful range of honey from all over Tasmania. We had a lovely tasting and bought so many varieties, we will have a weight issue.

Christine Potter

June 2022

Our GPS led us to this wonderful place. The honey is amazing, we love the flavours and how we can use them, other than eating fresh bread with lashes of honey. We are really impressed with the honey and fennel as this combination enhanced the tasted our baked vegetables and the garlic and honey is amazing in stir. Will be ordering more honey as the service is brilliant and delivery is really quick.

Doris Tam

May 2022

We bought some honey from this place. Well informed by the owner of the different varieties available. During our 2 weeks trip to Tasmania we have bought honey from several outlets and by far Tasman Honey is the best and full of flavour especially the Leatherwood ones, although pricer that other brands. It's really nice and addictive. Will get more in future.

Hassan Rahman

February 2022

As pure as it gets with great presentations and lots of info around the bees.


February 2022

Very kind, helpful and welcoming owner. We loved the wide selection of local honey. Tasting available if you are not quite sure what are you after. Also, you can really have a look at the bees and their work progress.

Ester Montes Escolar

December 2021

They had a lot of different types of honey. The lady who served was really nice and she let me taste some of the honey to help me decide. A lot of different sizes and another gifts such as candles and toys etc.

gyzies sales

December 2021

You can find different varieties of honey. Welcoming, helpful and very accommodating owner.